Teaching Batik at CFA  

Yuen Chee Ling invited as speaker for Batik Art talk at Alliance Francaise-Penang ( 2003)


Batik Art Course

Duration: 20 hours
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This course introduced both the traditional techniques and modern approaches in batik making. Study of the traditional design motifs and the concept of basic design is necessary as the basic so as to guide students to create their own design with the techniques they have learnt from the master.


Batik art as a fine art subject was introduced by Ms Yuen Chee Ling, the Director of Conservatory of Fine Art since 1987. Ms Yuen Chee Ling, a prolific painter specialized in oil and batik. She had traveled to the various batik centers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Northern Thailand to research on traditional motifs and natural dyes. She was invited as speaker/lecturer for batik workshops and seminars by the Cultural  Foundation Center at Abu Dhabi, Alliance Francaise-Penang, Capital Normal University Beijing , Dague Arts Center, Korea and Padma Arts, Hongkong. 




Hand-on Batik Workshop
Duration: 4 hours  ( 1 or  2 sessions)

This Batik Art Hand-on workshop will begin with an introduction into the background history of batik art. Student will experiment the techniques of batik making using the tjanting. They will learn to create batik art based upon their own choice of motifs flower, pots , cats , fish etc.

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Batik Class students and their instructor

Short courses -
1-2 days workshop

2 days Batik Painting workshop at Padma Arts, Hongkong ( Novermber 2007)

One day batik workshop at Art workshop , Cultural Foundation Center Abu Dhabi ( 1997)

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Creative Art Workshop
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Specially designed for those who wish to learn the techniques of:
Oil painting, Drawing, Water Colour painting, Batik Painting...

for everyone  from beginner to artists...
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