Duo Exhibition:  
The Coexist Dreams of  Yeong Ning & Grace Lim

July 3 ¨C July 24, 2011
Opening Reception: July 3,  
5 ¨C 7 pm
at Galeri Art Point @ Sunny Point Complex, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11700

Galeri Art Point is pleased to present the solo exhibitions by Yeong Ning (Malaysia) and Grace Lim (USA). Ning¡¯s explosive ink drawing and Grace¡¯s vigorous oil paintings are the new generation artists who have undergone the conflicts of ideologies, tradition and culture. This exhibition is craft to create a dialogue between Yeong Ning¡¯s ¡®Dream of Tao¡¯ and Grace Lim¡¯s ¡®memories of childhood dream¡¯, the art works presented provide a relevant insight into the creative process and artistic philosophy of the artists.


Yeong Ning
 Dragon Fly
black ink on xuan paper, 180cmx97cm

Yeong Ning¡¯s paintings depict the artist¡¯s visual renderings of his personal thoughts and feelings concerning the inner spirit of nature and being. In 2007-2008, while attending the Fine Art College at the Shanghai University, as a young prodigy painter, Ning at his Shanghai studio created over 500 large sizes of paintings (180cmx97cm). His innermost feelings and thoughts flow spontaneously and freely with spurting calligraphy ink on rice paper. These processes indicate the unconventional working habits that were tuned to the creation of a new stylistic form. The work has a mystical quality that resonate the artist¡¯s embedded spiritual truth. 

Yeong Ning studied at the Fine Art College at Shanghai University for 5 years and graduated a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2010. Born in Penang, he and his Latvian wife now reside in his home cum studio at the foothill of Bukit Mertajam, Penang. Alongside his passion in painting and traveling, Ning is also a freelance composer for digital music. He is the original creator for 3D human model digital generation system.  

In contrast to Yeong Ning¡¯s stylistic form that reflects both the spirituality and emotional content, Grace Lim explores the beauty embodied in nature and transforms her dream and desire of life into a resolute style of work. The show also includes a selection of Grace¡¯s oil that exhibit strength in the use of rhythmic movement and minimal imagery that are rich in emotion.


Grace Lim
Spreading the Wings
Oil on canvas   24inx 30in

Grace Lim graduated from the University of Bedfordshire in England. She traveled all over Europe and lived in France and Italy for short periods of time. Grace now lives and works in her over an acre home studio in Portland, Oregon. With a creek flows across her backyard, graceful pines stood on the hillsides, hackberry, fungi and wild vegetation bursting in abundance, Grace composes poetry which lauds the varying landscapes found in nature and creates stunning art works intermingle the evolving dreamscape with the evolution of time and space.

Grace explores into the unknown future with her art and she uses the western oil paint and Chinese calligraphy ink to create the complementary effect of these occurrences. The paintings are the result of these two competing elements. Grace¡¯s arts reveal that any state of oversaturated condition or emotional turbulence can become organized and balanced. The calm and meditative qualities demonstrate from all her art works that depict the combination of the abstract and sublime beauty of life. 


杨聍-  道之梦
林月慧 -  梦的回响

开幕庆典:201173, 下午5时至7
地点:艺梵画廊(Galeri Art Point Sunny Point Complex, 11700 Penang


艺梵画廊很荣幸呈献杨聍(马来西亚)和林月慧(美国)的双个展. 这是一场有意义的艺术对话。 杨聍以奔放泼墨方式 诠释¡°道之梦¡±,而林月慧的激情澎湃的油画是她儿时之梦的回响 画家通过绘画手法和过程自拓诠释各自的艺术理念和哲思,突现21世纪新一代画家的自我意识和他们对艺术,传统和文化的冲突的反思。

杨聍的画作是他个人对自然和人的内在精神的反省。 20072008年间,他在上海的工作室以中国水墨和宣纸,创作了500多幅大型画作(180cmx97cm)。他画画的时候全神贯注,心无旁骛, 只是因为他需要画画。他惯于把非



槟城出生的他, 目前和他的拉脱维亚籍的妻子居住在大山脚, 他的家也是他的工作室。