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Featuring the artworks by 12 Women Artistsin Malaysia

《爱与慈悲 12位女艺术家作品展

Exhibition Date: 15-6-2014 (Sunday) until 23-6-2014 (Mon)
Exhibition Time: 11am-6pm
Exhibition Venue: Galeri Art Point
8 –G-5 Sunny Point Complex
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11700 Penang. Tel

Penang is the cradle of the development of modern art in Malaysia. It is also the home of many talented women artists. An art exhibition entitled: LOVE & COMPASSION jointly organized by the Women Art Association & International Women Artists-Malaysia was successfully launched by YB Dato Haji Mohd. Rashid bin Hasnon, Deputy Chief Minister I of Penang  at Galeri Art Point  8 -G- 5, Sunny Point Complex, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11700  Penang.

This exhibition showcases the excellent works created by 12 talented women artists mostly from Penang that reflect thethoughts and vision of the individual female artist related to the theme: “Love & Compassion ” . The participating women artists are: Chiou Ling Chyi, Yoon Sook Fong, Joy Wu, Winnie Cheng, Mary Lin Mei Nu, Lee HuiLan, Nurhayati Mohd. Yusoff, Sally Lee Hoi Har, Susanna Hernesniemi, Tan Seok Boon, Yong Seow Ping&Dr.Yuen Chee Ling

A review of the artworks and the women artists by Ilva Legzdina is published in Art Her Magazine 5th issue (June, 2014). The Highlights of the opening events included a celebration to launch both the magazine and electronic magazine.

爱与慈悲- 12女艺术家联展

槟城是马来西亚现代艺术的摇篮。这也是许多有才华的女艺术家的故乡。马来西亚女艺术家协会和国际女艺术家-马来西亚分会联合呈现一个别开生面的展览:《爱与慈悲》,经于 615日(星期日)下午5点半举行开幕仪式,由槟州第一副首席部长YB Dato' Haji Mohd Rashid Bin Hasnon莅临主持画展开幕仪式 兼剪彩 。

此展览展示了12才华的女艺术家的精心杰作, 她们大部分来自自槟城。她们的作品反映画者身为女性对 “爱与慈悲” 的感受和省思。 参展画家名单如下:

邱玲琦,源淑芳,吴美月,钟昀霓,林美女,李慧兰, 诺哈雅蒂.尤索夫,李慧霞,苏珊娜,陈淑文,杨小平及源子玲博士。 她们的作品的媒介,风格和技巧, 丰富多元, 包括油画,水彩,数码插图,混合媒介及雕塑, 凸显当代女性艺术的精神面貌。

这五期的 女艺术杂志(Art.Her Magazine)有刊载由画展策展人IlvaLegzdina撰写有关展出作品和画家的评论文章。开幕当天的高潮节目之一是恭请槟州第一副首席部长YB Dato' Haji Mohd Rashid Bin Hasnon主持第五期她艺术杂志推介仪式,过后放映电子版杂志。

Ribbon cutting ceremony by YB Dato Mohd. Rashid bin
Hasnon, Deputy Chief Minister I of Penang

Launching of  Art.Her Magazine 5th issue by YB Dato Mohd. Rashid bin Hasnon, Deputy Chief Minister I of Penang

Her Studio- Life and Art of Women Artists Exhibition


Exhibition Date: June 24th  to July 6th, 2013
Opening CeremonyJune 24th, 2013 (Monday)  at 7:00 am
Venue: Galeri Art Point, Lot 8-G-3 & 8-G-4, Sunny Point Complex, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Batu Uban 11700, Penang, Malaysia

 Her Studio – Life and Art Of Women Artists was sucessfully held at Galeri Art Point Penang commencing  June 24th  to July 6th, 2013. This event jointly organized by International women artists Council/Conservatory of Fine Arts and Malaysia Women Art Association is in commemoration with the George Town Festival 2013. The participants of the exhibition are 16 women artists from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Beijing, Shanghai and USA.

In the past, women’s roles were regarded as subordinate to men’s. Many talented female artists had worked as assistants at the studio of male artists. Having her own studio space is a dream for all the women artists in the past.

Today, the role of woman artists is different, having her own studio space for creative expression signals freedom and independence of the woman artist. 
YB Puan Chong Eng, Penang State Executive Councilor for Youth and Sports, Women, Family and Community Development officiated  the opening of the exhibition on June 24th, 2013 (Monday)  at 7:00 am

Eight women artists from Singapore who were among the participants of the show arrived at Penang to witness the opening. Cultural exchange activities between the Singaporean and Malaysian women artists : Visit to the heritage sites of Penang, outdoor sketching at Balik Pulau and “Ceramic painting workshop” at CFA Arts Center (Conservatory of Fine Arts @ Sunny Point Complex) .

The Participating Women Artists:
Siti Mariah Jackson (USA), Wang Jing(Shanghai), Dr. Yuen Chee Ling(Malaysia), Cheam Cheng Koon(Singapore), Chiou Ling Chyi, (Malaysia),  Joy Wu(Taiwan), Stephanie Oei (Singapore), Tan Huan Khim (Singapore), Tan Seok Boon (Malaysia), Teo Lay Hua(Singapore), Yoko Yoshinaga (Japan), Yoon Sook Fong (Malaysia), Alice Lee (Singapore), Yong Seow Ping (Malaysia), Woo Ching Siang (Singapore)
Ng Siew Kuan (Singapore), Lan Mei Cheng ( Shanghai) and Zhao Heng (Beijing)

Opening ceremony by YB Puan Chong Eng, Penang State Executive Councilor for Youth and Sports, Women, Family and Community Development

Other Related Activities

The Singapore Women Artists attended the Ceramic Painting Workshop at CFA Art Center


Outdoor Skeching at Balik Pulau

“Heritage Penang IV –Imageries of Old Penang”
presented by Galeri Art Point commencing July 16 to 30, 2012.

“Heritage Penang IV –Imageries of Old Penang” featuring an exclusive collection of artworks created by 14 renowned local and international artists that reflect the quintessence of Penang.  The exhibits on displayed are powerful imageries of the natural environment, old buildings, Malay kampungs and the unique lifestyles of the people of Penang justifying the masterly of technique and style of a selected group of artists namely Tan Chiang Kiong, Kuo Ju Ping, Tan Choon Ghee, Toya (Lim Khoon Hock Lee Weng Fatt, Dr. Yuen Chee Ling, Chai Chuan Jin Chen Jiqun. Yeong Seak Ling and the late Tan Lye Hoe, Chia Hooi Chiam; A.B. Ibrahim and Lee Cheng Yong. Their art speaks to viewers why Penang become a world heritage site.

Related activities during the exhibition: Slides presentation & Discussion on “Paintings & sketches of Penang”

This exhibition is part of Georgetown Art Festival 2012.

[恋恋槟城系列之四]呈现14 位本地和国际资深艺术家以槟城为创作题材的界精彩杰作。本展览崇尚以自然人文、真实情感为主题的艺术创作。旨在提供一个让艺术爱好者们欣赏到艺术家通过各类事务描绘槟城风情的绘画作品平台,进一步推广槟城的文化特色、抒发槟城的文化底蕴。

陈昌孔,杨淅麟,杜亚(林坤福),源子玲博士,李荣发,蔡传仁,陈继群, Suchart Vongthong博士, A.B Ibrahim (已故), 谢惠谦(已故), 陈来和(已故),郭若萍(已故),陈存义(已故), 李清庸(已故)。



Heritage Penang III
Duo Solo – Yeong Seak Ling- Malaysia Life Series , Yuen Chee Ling – Nyonya Reminiscence

Galeri Art Point @ 8-G-4, Sunny Point Complex, 11700, Penang.

The aim of Heritage Penang series is to create the awareness of the significance of art as a reflection of the cultural life of people. This awareness is necessary for the reappraisal of the significant contribution of the artists whose art reflects the quintessence of Malaysia life

The duo solo is a dialogue between Yeong SeakLing’s superb realistic rendering of subject matters related to the life of the rural folks which reflect the quaint and charming essence and
the characteristics of Malaysia and Yuen Chee Ling’s Nyonya series, a reminiscence of the day-to day life of the ‘Nyonyas’(womenfolk of the Straits Chinese Baba) in the 1950-1960s.


杨淅麟- 马来西亚乡村系列


源子玲 - 娘惹篇
她笔下的“娘惹”,典雅艳丽, 呈现昔日南洋海峡华人-〖岜芭和娘惹〗时代的人文风情,

Yeong Seak Ling, Kampung Life 270105, Acrylic on canvas, 87x87cm   Yuen Chee Ling, The Picnic, Oil on canvas, 206 cm x 145cm


Duo Exhibition:
The Coexist Dreams of  Yeong Ning & Grace Lim
July 2 – July 12, 2011
Opening Reception: July 3,  
5 – 7 pm
Galeri Art Point @ Sunny Point Complex, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11700 Penang

Opening Ceremony of Duo Exhibition: The Coexist Dreams of  Yeong Ning & Grace Lim by YB Wong Hon Wai &   Ilva Legzdina, exhibition Curator welcomed the geusts to the opening.

Galleri Art Point is pleased to present solo exhibitions by Yeong Ning (Malaysia) and Grace Lim (USA). Both the artists presented are new generation artists who have experienced the conflicts of ideologies, tradition and culture. This exhibition that creates a dialogue between Yeong Ning’s explosive ink drawings and Grace Lim’s vigorous imageries of nature provides a relevant insight into the creative process and artistic philosophy of the artists.

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Living Art from Ancient Land-  

Ceramic Paintings by Cai Zhong Shun (Jingdezhen Grand Master)  & Malaysia  Women Artists.


Galeri Art Point, Sunny Point Complex, 11700 Penang


July 27-August 5, 2011.



Mr. Voradet Viravakin,Royal Thai Consulate-General. viewed the ceramics art on displayed accopanied by Dr. Yuen Chee Ling, Director , galeri Art Point   Presentation of souvinir to Mr. Voradet Viravakin,Royal Thai Consulate-General. by Cai Chao, ceramic master from Jingdezhen, China

Galeri Art Point in cooperation with Conservatory of Fine Arts is proud to present “Living Art from Ancient Land- Ceramic Paintings by Jingdezhen Grand Master Cai Zhong Shun & Malaysia Women artists”. This event is to commemorate the occasion of the Georgetown Festival 2011.

The opening ceremony was successfuly launched by Mr. Voradet Viravakin,Royal Thai Consulate-General.

The exhibits are selected ceramic art created by Cai Zhong Shun, the grand master of ceramic art from Jingdezhen and ceramic paintings by Malaysian women artists: Chiou Ling Chyi, Yong Seow Ping, Lee Hoi Har, Lim Mei Nu, Dr. Yuen Chee Ling, Yeap Goay Hwa, Tan Bok Kin, Khoo Shian Li and Hazlin Bt Meera Hussain, .

During the early 20th Century, Baba Nyonya (also known as the Straits Chinese) from Singapore, Malacca and Penang ordered the ceramics from the Ming kilns at Jingdezhen with colourful and elaborate design for use in the occasion of ceremonies and festivals. Nyonya Porcelains today are treasured as the heritage art of Penang as it reflects the taste and lifestyle of the Baba Nyonya in Penang during the early 20th Century.

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Related Activities:

Paint your Own Ceramic Workshop - for adults, artists and art students
Ceramic painting competition
for Children -4 to 10 years old

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Past Events 2008-2011

International Women’s Day celebration
“Paint your own Ceramics”
Date: Saturday, 5 March 2011
Time: 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Venue: 46 & 48 Chow Thye Road, Penang


Malaysian women artists and art enthsiasts participated in the “Paint your own Ceramics” session organized by WDO Georgetown & Malaysia Women Artists Association. This event is to celebrate International Women’s Day 2011.

马妇展乔治市分会(WDO GEORGETOWN)联合马来西亚女艺术家协会主办彩绘陶瓷〉活动 庆祝国际妇女节

大 马妇展乔治市分会(WDO GEORGETOWN)联合马来西亚女艺术家协会主办〈彩绘陶瓷〉活动 庆祝国际妇女节为配合国际艺术节35日至26日在槟城秋泰路,46号艺梵画廊举行。 参加者此活动的除了本地女画家之外也有外籍人士参与在景德镇陶瓷上, 绘画出自己的心情


--------------------------------------------------------------------------Shanghai-Penang Oil Paintings Exhibition -2010
5-9 July 2010 @ Galeri Art Point , Penang
46 & 48 Jalan Chow Thye 10050 Penang .

Featuring the selected oil paintings by 8 contemporary oil painters from Penang and Shanghai that reflect complexity and variety of styles, techniques and individualist approaches that is related to the artist's perception and cultural identity.

Women Art & Environment- Malaysia Women Art Exhibition
22 Malaysian women artists, professional and amateur will exhibit their artworks together at Galeri Art Point commencing 5th of March till 15th of March 2010. This event aimed to foster an awareness of a global issue for the development of sustainable environment . Related activities at the opening include an art demonstration session - "Painting with eco friendly colours extracted from plants and fruits .

The above is jointly organized by WDO Georgetwon & Malaysia Women Art Association .

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Excellent Young Artists- Malaysia 2010 

Excellent Young Artists - Malaysia 2010, a competition cum exhibition organized by ArtGroup International ( aims to provide a platform for emerging artists to expose their works a wider audience and to prepare the emerging artists for entry into a global market.

The competition  is open to Malaysian Artists
of age between 18 to 40. Judging for the Excellent Young Artists - Malaysia 2010 Award/Exhibition is done online by a panel of International Judges. A webpage will be provided for the purpose of online judging of 500 selected best works.

The top 3 winners will be awarded with a cash prize plus a 1-month Artist-in-Residence in a country outside Malaysia .  Selected artworks created by 100 artists in the list of finalist will be on displayed at the Penang State Art Gallery commencing in the first week of July 2010.


“Heritage Penang II” Paintings, Sketches and Drawings  by Local and International Artists

Art exhibition is not just a mere glamorous party but is an important point of contact for intellectual audience, art enthusiasts and students. “Heritage Penang” is an art exhibition that reminds people of the significance of art as a reflection of the cultural life of people. This awareness is necessary for the reappraisal of the significant contribution of the artists whose art reflects the quintessence of Penang …The art speaks to viewers why Penang become a world heritage site.
Familiar sights and the unique lifestyles of the people of Penang painted by local and international artists were on display. The artists are:Tan Chiang Kiong, Yuen Chee Ling (Dr.), Kuo Ju Ping, Lee Weng Fatt, Neoh Hang Peng, Prof. Dr. Zakaria Ali, Tan Lye Hoe, Tan Choon Ghee, Toya (Lim Khoon Hock), Yeong Seak Ling and Yeong Ning, Loke Hung Thor, Chia Hooi Chian; A.B. Ibrahim.

Duration of Exhibition:
September 13 to October 10, 2010

Galeri Art Point @ 46 & 48 Jalan Chow Thye, Penang.



 Artist- In- Residence -2010

ArtGroup International has established AIP Artists Exchange Program for the purpose promoting international exchange and collaboration amongst the artists, galleries and art institutions of different countries. The Artist Residency Program 2010 aims to enable the artists a valuable cultural experience while living and create in an environment outside their own country;  To encourage the creation and production of new works and sharing of expertise and to allow international exposure for artists who specializes in different media.

Appeal for sponsorship/Partner

In order to make this event a successful reality, your support to become the main sponsor or to sponsor any amount  would greatly be appreciated

The resident artist will reciprocate by presenting at least one of his artwork to the sponsor

For further information, please email to  

ACTIVITIES-  2008-2009 画展/ 活动

Heritage Penang- December 18-30 2009

To discover the original paintings on Penang Heritage theme created by 16 local and international  artists at Galeri Art Point @ 46 & 48 Jalan Chow Thye, Penang commencing 18th of December.  Artworks by local masters at affordable price ranging............... Also, visit the recent works by Yeong Seak Ling and discover a series of exclusive Postcards and Artprints on Penang heritage sites and Malaysia life.

Launching of “ Heritage Penang” by YB Tuan Wong Hon Wai, Penang EXCO member for Town & Country Planning,Housing and Arts.

During the opening ceremony, Dr. Yuen Chee Ling and Mr. Choo Cheng Shiong, the Director of Xiao En Cultural presented a mock cheque to Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion ( Amount RM3,000). This is in conjunction with the Charity Art Auction Dinner held on 26th of July 2009 at E & O Hotel jointly organized by WDO –Georgetown and Xiao En Cultural. YB Wong Hon Wai witnessed the presentation of mock cheque to Mr. Tan Kar Hin, Representative of Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion

January 28-  February 28  2008
Friends of CFA Exhibition 2008
[槟榔之友画展 2008]

This exhibition features the artworks of various mediums and techniques, created by ”Friends of  CFA “ – professionals and amateurs who are the students, lecturers and  visiting artists of Conservatory of Fine Arts (CFA.
There will be an Get-Together-Dinner to celebrate the New Year 2008. Related activities include
and Musical performance by WDO Choir members and young musicians.

2008》展出槟榔之友- 槟榔艺术学院师生,客座讲师,毕业生的美术创作的美术作品,提升本地人士对艺术的认知和兴趣。开幕当天举行聚餐及小型音乐演奏等.


Participants & Artworks ( Click to view)

 March 25- 5 April
Dialogue – Brian Sullivan & Siti Mariah  [
对话]- 苏里文和西蒂

Brian Sullivan, a professional artist residing in Champaign, Illinois. Who exploring popular U.S. cultural stereotypes, icons and the exploitation of the general public by the mass media. His art reflects on the quintessential "American Dream" myth, incorporating a variety of images and objects that reflect a pop-cultural mentality.
Siti Mariah Jackson, A Malaysian woman artist who now resides in Champaign, Illinois, USA. Siti Mariah explores into themes related with her life experiences in Malaysia and USA.

For more information about the artists

May 3- 18
Women. Art. Peace
( * Due to March 8 is the General Election Day , this exhibition is postpone to from March to May)

This show features selected artworks of Malaysian women artists that convey a message of peace. The aim is to provide an opportunity for peoples to experience the diverse visions of peace and to celebrate the International Mother's Day

The exhibition is jointly presented by The Women Development Organization of Malaysia (WDO) and Conservatory of Fine Arts. The aims are to foster the awareness of women’s art and to provide an access to the voice of Malaysian women artists on this special occasion in an effort to encourage women to express their honest self through art.

June 1- 15
Painting People
Exhibition of paintings that focus on painting the figure from life.

September 13-21
Ceremic Art By Chinese Masters
中国景德镇 名家陶艺展
Ceramic Art By Chinese Masters”  jointly presented by China Jing De Zhen Huan Ya Cultural Media and Galeri Art Point present 60 ceramic art created by the masters  from the world renown ancient pottery village Zhin De Zhen . The masters who are involved with this exhibition- Luo Xue Zhen, a ceramic Professor of Zhin De Zhen Ceramic Institute , Zheng Jin , the Principal of the Zhin De Zhen City Institute, Cai Chong Xun, from  China Ceramic Art Institute who has come form a family with 3 generations of masters in Pottery.  Chen Yun Kai , who has won several grand prizes for pottery & ceramics and Zhuo Guo Zhen is famous for his expressive colours and innovative approach in ceramic painting
[中国景德镇 名家陶艺展]展出5位来自景德镇的陶艺名家作品-蔡忠顺,卓国政,陈云开,曾瑾,许红。

Oct. 29 - Nov 7
 Water Color Exhibition By Shuai Min Feng & Wang Ke Da


Water colour paintings created by two renown masters from Quangxi , Quilin China are on displayed. Prof. Shuai Min Feng, who currently served as the Dean of College of Fine Arts of the Quang Xi Normal Univerisity China and Prof Wagn Ke Da are here under cutlural exchange program with Europe Asia University and Conservatory of Fine Arts.
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All exhibits and programs are free and open to the public. Galeri Art Point
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